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NS Novelties

INYA - Petite Twister

INYA - Petite Twister

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The rotating and vibrating sensation that is the INYA Petite Twister really needs no introduction. Just a glance is all you need to know that this is the baddest of bad boys out there, measuring 9.09 inches and destined to give you the deepest, most intense pleasure sessions imaginable. When it’s serious length that you crave, this goes above and beyond to deliver — and then it goes above and beyond that to send earth-shuddering, body-quaking tremors through your body as it vibrates and moves like the real deal. With seven settings in total, it offers everything you need to start off slowly and end with a bang..

You’ll love every minute of your time with this piece of perfection. It’s the toy to end all toys, offering up a satisfying 9-inch pleasure ride while providing the added benefit of satisfying vibrations and even some rotations to give it a more realistic feel as you vibe away. It’s great for solo play, but this is also ideal for fun with a partner.

Product Specs

Brand: NS Novelties
Model: NSN-0553-04
UPC: 657447102134
Date Added:
Product Weight: 161g
Product Dimensions: (Inches)
Package Dimensions: 1.73" x 2.56" x 12.24" (Inches)
Insertable Dimensions: (Inches)
Battery Type: Rechargeable
Battery Quantity:
Material: Silicone
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