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NS Novelties

Electra Play Things - Blindfold

Electra Play Things - Blindfold

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Turn out the lights and let your other senses take over with this Electra Play Things Blindfold. Lined in neoprene, this blindfold is so comfortable against the skin that you’ll be able to shift all of your focus to other sensations. The neon pink color makes it easy to look as good as you feel. Turn off one sense as your others intensify for a satisfying session that will blow your mind and allow you to experience passion with your partner in a way you never have before. Being in the dark is a great way to let go of inhibitions and really spice things up.

Whether you let your partner take the reins and surprise you with every move or you’re the one in control, you’ll both discover more about what gets you going than ever before. Don’t rule out giving it a try when you’re flying solo, allowing you to explore your body with nothing holding back.

Product Specs

Brand: NS Novelties
Model: NSN-1310-04
UPC: 657447105012
Date Added:
Product Weight: 20g
Product Dimensions: (Inches)
Package Dimensions: 2.4" x 3.98" x 8.27" (Inches)
Insertable Dimensions: (Inches)
Battery Type: N/A
Battery Quantity:
Material: Neoprene
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