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NS Novelties

Firefly - Contour Plug

Firefly - Contour Plug

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Think of the Firefly Contour Plug as a classic with a twist. Or is that a curve? This 3.9-inch butt plug is destined to take you to entirely new dimensions once it’s inserted — smoothly and gently, of course. The wider tip provides amazing stretch as it glides inside until it reaches a sleeker point. It settles in nicely there, held comfortably in place thanks to the wide base. Made with skin-friendly silicone, this plug feels extra-supple to the touch for enhanced comfort. Another fun fact? This little guy glows in the dark, providing a cheeky peek when things get frisky.

Whether you’re playing solo or playing with a partner, you’ll love the way this glowing plug lights up the festivities. Curved just right for added pleasure, it glides inside smoothly to provide gradual, endless pleasure. You (or your partner) will grow more and more comfortable with the sensations as you find clever ways to satisfy.

Product Specs

Brand: NS Novelties
Model: NSN-0476-77
UPC: 657447102660
Date Added:
Product Weight: 52g
Product Dimensions: (Inches)
Package Dimensions: 1.46" x 3.39" x 6.93" (Inches)
Insertable Dimensions: (Inches)
Battery Type: N/A
Battery Quantity:
Material: Silicone
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