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NS Novelties

Renegade - Body Cleanser

Renegade - Body Cleanser

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It’s smart to keep the Renegade Body Cleanser handy for your personal care needs. As vital to your collection as any hard-working vibe or dildo, this companion features a roomy 12-ounce bulb and a flexible nozzle, so you can easily achieve a deep cleanse that helps you feel your freshest and most confident. Whether you’re playing solo or enjoying some fun with a partner, you’ll always feel best when you’re freshly cleansed. Fill the bulb with water or your favorite body-safe cleaning product and enjoy the results.

You won’t feel fresher or cleaner than you will with this body cleanser that’s designed to be an integral part of your intimate care routine. The bulb is sized just right to accommodate water or your cleansing solution of choice. With a flexible nozzle that reaches anywhere with ease, it’s the perfect choice for your cleansing needs.

Product Specs

Brand: NS Novelties
Model: NSN-1130-13
UPC: 657447094033
Date Added:
Product Weight: 144g
Product Dimensions: (Inches)
Package Dimensions: 3.5" x 4.02" x 8.5" (Inches)
Insertable Dimensions: (Inches)
Battery Type: N/A
Battery Quantity:
Material: Pvc
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