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NS Novelties

Renegade - Pillager I

Renegade - Pillager I

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Consensual fun with the Renegade Pillager I is all you need to take your backdoor explorations to another dimension. This tough little toy means business — and because it’s made with silky-smooth silicone, it will feel incredibly comfortable during insertion. Easing it deeper provides the best kind of stretch imaginable, while the firm feel ensures you feel every single one of its 3.6 inches going inside. Pair it with your favorite lubricant and get busy, whether you’re going at it solo or having fun with your partner.

Life is about to get a whole lot more interesting, especially if you’ve got some backdoor play in mind. This smooth yet highly firm anal plug is destined to become an instant favorite. It’s shaped just right for easing inside and bringing a little bit of pleasurable stretch with every increasing inch. You (or your partner) will feel it right away.

Product Specs

Brand: NS Novelties
Model: NSN-1106-53
UPC: 657447099816
Date Added:
Product Weight: 72g
Product Dimensions: (Inches)
Package Dimensions: 1.38" x 3.74" x 7.28" (Inches)
Insertable Dimensions: (Inches)
Battery Type: N/A
Battery Quantity:
Material: Silicone
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